About Mediant PowerShell Module

The Mediant PowerShell Module enables you to perform basic management functions on a AudioCodes Mediant Device directly from PowerShell. This unofficial module manages the device via the Rest API.

AudioCodes and Mediant are copyright and trademark of AudioCodes Ltd. This Module has not been developed by AudioCodes, so don’t ask them for support if you use this module.

Notable Features

  • Get Statistics form the Device
  • Backup a Devies config to either the command line or a file.
  • Backup a Devies CLI Script to either the command line or a file.
  • Save a running config on Mediant device
  • Restart a Mediant device, (timed, gracefull or immediate)


$credential = Get-credential
$mediantdevice = get-mediantdevice -mediant -http https -credential $credential
get-mediantdeviceinifile -mediantdevice $mediantdevice
restart-mediantdevice -mediantdevice $mediantdevice


  • PowerShell 3.0


This PowerShell Script/Module is distributed under the MIT License

Using this Module Commercially ?

Lots of hours have gone into the module and example scripts development, So your small donation of a few dollars is much appreciated, and will help me continue improving. Show your Appreciation